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Accurate Forecasting Requires Accurate Data

Tanner Prince

Accurate Forecasting Requires Accurate Data

Research has shown that severe and abnormal weather disrupts 70% of businesses worldwide.  Weather forecasting is, therefore, a valuable tool for owners to protect their business from disruption… but only if the forecast is accurate.  Weather forecasters know this, and as a result collect as much data about the present state of the atmosphere and calculate potential developments using high-tech models.

Sales team leaders must do the same with their sales data in order to accurately forecast numbers and set targets for their team.  Without accurate data, you won’t be able to create accurate forecasts.

As a sales team leader, you’re probably recording numbers of actions like how many doors were knocked, how many calls were made, how many people were contacted, and how many sales were made.  The problem with using this data as a predictor of future sales is that all of these things happened in the past. None of these numbers reflect actions that are currently happening.

You need a tracking method that embraces the forward momentum of your sales goals.

That’s why using Griffin Hill’s Schedule Next Event Play KPI to track progress through your sales cycle is the only way to get data on what is going on in real-time.  Tracking development in your pipeline by determining whether your sales people have scheduled the next event in the cycle prevents old data from building up in your CRM, misrepresenting progress.  

So instead of sticking your finger in the air and throwing grass into the wind, you’ll be able to collect and record real data on the current state of your sales atmosphere.  You’ll be able to predict results based on what you’re currently doing, not what you did six months ago.

“Because we’re switching the focus from backward activity to forward momentum, now we know how things are truly processing in the sales pipeline.” — Cameron Baird

Engineer your performance based on the data. Solve problems as they’re developing before they can disrupt your progress. Get real data that reflects the reality of your situation as it is now, not in the past.

We’ve written a FREE eBook that gives you access to this play and shows you how to implement it on your team. Click here to discover your path to accurate sales forecasting and goals.




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