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Adjuvant – You Are the Star of the Show


At Griffin Hill we believe….

You are the star of the show.

You belong front and center.

The spotlight is on you and all the world is watching—your customers, your team, your suspects and prospects

Griffin Hill’s role is that of bit player. Our job is to help you to shine, to make you look brilliant. We are the adjuvant—


Unless you are a farmer or a chemist you have probably never heard of it.

An adjuvant is an agent that enhances the native properties of a given substance.

It makes water wetter.

When we say it makes water wetter, we really mean that an adjuvant enhances the absorption properties of water.

You often hear people use the farming analogy of getting the water to the end of the row.

That isn’t the farmer’s objective at all—simply moving water from one place to another does the plant little good.

The real objective is to get the roots of the plant to absorb the water and take it up into the plant so that every cell is nourished.

Simply getting the water to the end of the row doesn’t mean the plant was properly nourished. In fact, on some terrain, it is important to slow the water down—keep it from getting to the end of the row too quickly so that it has time to soak into the soil, reach the roots and nourish the plant.

That is the lesson my grandfather taught me on an all-night water turn. I was finally old enough for the great adventure of overseeing the irrigation of the crops and fields on my grandfather’s farm. The section I was to care for was a sloping field above the house and farmyard. As he gave me instructions for my through-the-night vigil, my grandfather emphasized the importance of not letting the water move too fast. If it did the water would move across the surface of the ground, without absorbing into the soil. The result would be a flooded farmyard that would leave a muddy, mucky mess while leaving the alfalfa field un-nourished. The repeated instruction was, “don’t let the water get away from you.” I assured him with youthful, inexperienced confidence. I would protect the farmyard and water the field.

I was doing just fine until around midnight when I realized the water was moving too fast. I was at risk of losing control. The water was, in fact, getting away from me.

I began working my shovel as hard and fast as I could. I created earthen dams to stop the water from going where I did not want it to go. I worked furiously to plug holes and to slow the water flow.

It was a losing battle. While I was working as fast as I knew how, there came out of the dark the calm voice of my grandfather. “Scott, what are you doing?” My exasperated reply, “I’m trying to keep the water from getting away from me.”

“Let me see your shovel.” And with a few, seemingly effortless cuts in the soil, my grandfather channeled the water in the direction he wanted it to go.

Crisis averted. The field was watered. The plants were nurtured. The farmyard was spared.

It’s not just about getting the water to the end of the row. It’s about getting the roots to take-up the moisture so that the plant is nourished. That is what an adjuvant added to the water helps to accomplish. It helps the plant to absorb the water so that the real objective can be realized.

That is what Griffin Hill does. We enhance your native properties. We help you to do what you do best. We use performance enhancing methods, tools and technologies to elevate performance.

Griffin Hill is the adjuvant. You are the star. We are the bit players that help you to shine. With Griffin Hill on your team you will be even more brilliant!


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