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Sixth Dimension and the Griffin Hill Connection

Griffin Hill saves and changes lives. We like to say that we save and change lives now. However, in the history of Griffin Hill, those lives have been limited to business and sales. The every day actions of company leaders and employees. The companies who have employed the Griffin Hill systems have found great success! Some managed to increase their productivity and strength by 300%!

But the true principles of human psychology that steered these businesses right were packaged for CEOs and their employees. It was packaged for sales people. It was priced for people with big bucks. We wanted to save and change the lives of every day people.

That’s where Sixth Dimension comes in.

Sixth Dimension puts the power of the human performance psychology research in the hands of the everyday person – mothers and fathers, children and siblings, families and friends. Sixth Dimension is for everyone – no matter where you are in life. Those that apply the concepts built into Sixth Dimension gain the skills and knowledge needed to progress in the dimensions of Health, Intellect, Social, Industry, Spiritual, and of course, their own personal achievement.

Since product launch, Sixth Dimension members have reported higher productivity, greater enthusiasm, and the accomplishment of goals they have been trying to achieve for years. Sixth Dimension changes and saves lives! Members have told us in tears that the tools they are already beginning to master have changed their lives for the better and these are the lives of every day people like you.

Part of what we do at Griffin Hill is make money for those who use our systems. Those who implemented the sales system into their business have seen higher revenues. Sixth Dimension is no different. Sixth Dimension is the opportunity to earn extra spending money as you progress on your own achievement path. That might mean you will have extra money for bills. It may mean you will have extra cash to take piano lessons or put a child through a sports / dance program. The sky is the limit.

Even better, the commission system in Sixth Dimension is encouraged but not forced. It isn’t a multi-level marketing product, nor does it function as one. For that reason, you actually earn money in an honest and meaningful way. You save and change lives. Sixth Dimension is not an MLM, but instead, a network marketing system. A commission system based on network marketing builds money for you. Any excess funds gets moved into charitable donations to silence poverty and support educational endeavors.

Sixth Dimension has power. Sixth dimension can change lives. isn’t it time to explore what your ultimate reality looks like? Explore more at

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