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Empowering Business Success: Griffin Hill's Sales Transformation Stories

Chelsea Kemp
February 21, 2024
Empowering Business Success: Griffin Hill's Sales Transformation Stories

In the dynamic world of sales, navigating through challenges to achieve success is a true mark of resilience and strategic acumen. At Griffin Hill, our mission is to empower businesses to transcend obstacles and excel in sales. This post celebrates our clients' triumphs and showcases the profound impact of Griffin Hill's sales methodology through compelling success stories.


Spruce Capital's Remarkable Journey with Griffin Hill


Ted Broman, the visionary behind Spruce Capital, embarked on a transformative journey with Griffin Hill in 2005, seeking a breakthrough in sales performance. Adopting our Integrity Sales System and benefiting from weekly coaching, Spruce Capital's revenue soared from $1.1 million to over $100 million in seven years. This extraordinary growth underscores the efficacy of our sales system, characterized by its comprehensive and innovative strategies. Ted's personal growth mirrors this success, evolving into a more intentional, goal-oriented leader. His ongoing commitment to Griffin Hill's principles promises further achievements in his future ventures.


Aptive’s Revolutionary Growth in Pest Control


Under Donald Moser's leadership, Aptive leveraged Griffin Hill's Integrity Sales System to redefine success in the pest control industry across North America. Managing a team of 120 sales representatives, Moser steered Aptive from serving 7,700 customers to an impressive 13,700, while doubling their revenue to $6.2 million. The strategic integration of the High Performance Journal and the Priority Alignment Tool played a pivotal role in their success, enhancing team performance and productivity. Moser credits Griffin Hill's coaching as the cornerstone of this transformation, highlighting its invaluable contribution to personal and professional growth.


Total Dental Administrators: A Case Study in Sales Excellence


Jeremy Spencer of Total Dental Administrators turned to Griffin Hill in 2014 to revolutionize their sales strategy. The partnership led to a staggering 100% increase in sales month over month, a testament to the power of our Integrity Sales System. The Griffin Hill ScoreCard became an essential tool for Total Dental, enabling precise tracking and analysis of sales processes, which in turn facilitated targeted training and strategy adjustments. This approach not only boosted sales but also enhanced the overall skill set and training of their team, setting new benchmarks for the dental insurance industry.


Conclusion: Griffin Hill's Legacy of Success


The success stories of Spruce Capital, Aptive, and Total Dental Administrators exemplify the transformative potential of Griffin Hill's sales system. Our approach has proven effective across various industries, from technology to healthcare, demonstrating its versatility and impact. These testimonials reflect our dedication to empowering businesses to achieve and surpass their sales goals. Find more in-depth case studies by visiting our Client Testimonials page!

Witnessing our clients' success is both rewarding and affirming for us at Griffin Hill. It underscores our commitment to driving sales excellence and supporting businesses' journey to success. As the business landscape continues to evolve, Griffin Hill remains dedicated to helping companies navigate their challenges and achieve remarkable sales turnarounds.

Ready to learn what Griffin Hill methodology can do for you? Visit  us on the web at Griffin Hill or give us a call at (801) 225-7000.

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