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Fulfillment and Follow Up: End Strong


In the sales world, our focus tends to scope in on sales cycle execution. How do you get a sale? How do you progress your prospect through the cycle? How do you get the money in your pocket? Sometimes this is so over emphasized, that it becomes a problem: the conclusion to the sale is overlooked and passed up in the excitement of the close. Don’t compromise future opportunity by neglecting a proper close. Finishing off strong is just as important as beginning the sales cycle strong; the time and effort you spend will be paid off quickly.

Dr. Scott Baird, founder of Griffin Hill, and author of the Integrity Sales System offers a solution, solidified by research, and influenced by his expertise in Human Psychology. The answer is the Fulfillment and Follow Up Routine found in the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. This routine has the power to boost revenue, explode pipelines, and change the trajectory of success for our clients. At the core of the Fulfillment and Follow Up are a series of questions that will boost your referral collection, give you valuable proofs to use in future sales cycles, and help you close the deal comfortably, easily, and smoothly.

This single routine changes the economic lives of our clients.

We invite you to join Dr. Baird for a free webinar taking place on June 14th at 11:00 AM MDT. In the webinar, Dr. Baird will discuss the Fulfillment and Follow Up Routine found in the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. He will teach you to unlock the power of referrals to fill your pipeline! Throughout the Webinar, you will gain deeper insight into the correct execution of this routine. Learn how the principles of the Fulfillment and Follow Up can redefine your sales process and boost your revenue. Just click the button below to register for the free webinar. We hope to hear from you there!

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If you would like more information on the Fulfillment and Follow Up Webinar, click here!


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