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Get More Out of Your Sales Coaching


The process of repetition can be fatal. It seems that the more we participate in a particular activity, the more we tend to get casual and ultimately lose any benefit from it. If we get comfortable at the gym with fifty pushups we never get to fifty-one. Without renewed energy in our thoughts and attitude, we lose sight our purpose and even important and meaningful activities fall into the waste basket of our lives. One of these important activities that can fall victim to losing meaning is participating in sales coaching. With regular coaching, complacency can settle in and soon, even the greatest sales coaching can begin to lose its effect.

      A few changes in habit will prove to be beneficial in breathing new life into your coaching experience. They will accelerate progression and learning. With these simple practices, you will banish complacency. Coaching will always prove effective in your life.

      First, remove distraction from your coaching session. Refrain from texting or checking social media and emails. Turn your focus to your coach. Although simple, this skill can require a vast amount of self-control but will produce immediate benefits in every aspect of your life.  

      Second, utilize  Griffin Hill’s High Performance Journal. Use the Reflect and Write section to take notes on things that stand out to you in your coaching session. Taking notes and reflecting over them taps into the gold mine of human psychology to expand your learning capacity. It is impossible to be actively taking notes and simultaneously not pay attention.  Take advantage of all the facets of the High Performance Journal to increase the efficacy of your coaching session.

      Third, ask yourself questions throughout the sales coaching. As the coach speaks, you can write down your personal responses to questions like: “What does that mean for me?” “How can I apply that principle this week?” “If I applied that, what would be the end result?” These kind of questions facilitate critical thinking which is an essential step of turning thought into action.

      Fourth, you will notice that one aspect of the High Performance Journal is the Action Item list. Everything that is taught in a sales coaching session must lead to action for it to make a difference! Removing distraction, taking notes, reflecting, and asking yourself questions – all of these are meant to lead to action. Only through action will any study, research, or coaching make a direct difference in your life. Acting is the crowning method to renewing the power of your coaching sessions.

      Learn more about the High Performance Journal and how it can help you by clicking here.

      Learn more about the necessary influence of coaching by watching Dr. Baird’s video here.


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