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Know How to Measure


In the hundreds–perhaps thousands–of books written on the topic of sales, mechanisms of measurement have been woefully inadequate – until now. Using a simple system of points, Griffin Hill Sales Coaching Technology is able to measure the productivity, proficiency, and performance of sales people.

Sales Coaching Technology does not measure productivity in terms of meetings, nor does it rely just on the activity of the sales person. These inappropriate measures stimulate the wrong behavior. Sales leaders must inspect what they expect. If they measure how many meetings their sales people hold, sales people will spend their time in meetings. Griffin Hill Sales Coaching Technology does not reward sales people for meetings; it only rewards meaningful advancement of the sales process.

As part of a sales consulting engagement, I asked the Vice President of a large technology company headquartered in the Eastern United States, to schedule me with one of her sales people because I wanted to go out on some sales calls as part of my evaluation process. I was assigned to Marty who had been with the company for over 18 months. Marty was selling high-end technology solutions to large corporate buyers and had yet to close a single deal. The Vice President assured me that Marty worked hard – he had a lot of meetings with big name companies and believed that a contract for sale would be forthcoming any day from one of these major companies.

After our day of working together it was apparent that Marty was doing exactly what was expected of him. He was having a lot of meetings with people in big name companies but it was also clear that his activity would not win new business. Marty and his employer had a codependent relationship that was debilitating to Marty’s performance and damaging to corporate revenues. The co-dependency was the direct result of the inadequate mechanisms of measurement used by the company.

One of the shocking aspects of Marty’s story is that the company paid a substantial base salary, for more than 18 months, on the hope and promise of a future sale. More shocking is the discovery that every large sales team has at least one Marty, and traditional metrics will not discover nor will they solve the problem; they contribute to it. On the other hand, the rich metrics of Griffin Hill Sales Coaching Technology help sales leaders to engage meaningful measurements of productivity, proficiency, and performance. Using these metrics helps the sales person to understand how to advance the sales process.


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