New Achievement Hub!

Cameron Baird


New Achievement





We have many plans for what the Achievement Hub will become. We are taking the next step to get closer to our vision!

The Achievement Hub is the place where your plan and path to achievement come together. Our vision is that we can give you the KPI’s for your achievement. There are three sections for your achievement: Achievement Checklist, News and Updates, and Apps.

Achievement Checklist

The Achievement Checklist is a list of the daily things you should be attending to. Ensuring that you are reviewing your daily responsibilities in the Priority Alignment Tool, sending your manager a Status Update, writing in your High Performance Journal and engaging in a course or a discussion board on Learning are tasks that should be completed every day. The checklist will help you stay focused on these tasks and remind you of what you need to do.

News and Updates

The News and Updates section will help you stay updated on the newest features, content, blog posts, or known issues. Clicking on the arrow will lead you to expanded content or directly enroll you in courses.


The App section will show you what applications or tools you have access to and allow you to click into that tool quickly. If you don’t have access to one of the apps, it will show in a grayed-out color. If you want access to additional apps, you can always click the button at the bottom center to upgrade your account.

The GEM – Give us Feedback

There is a hidden gem in the bottom right! This icon will allow you to report a bug, suggest an improvement, or ask a question. This is not a live chat, but if you submit something through that button, it will go to our whole development team to identify it and plan for the best way to handle your summation. We are always looking to resolve bugs, improve our tools and content, and answer any questions you have.

You are what makes our company so great! Thanks for being a part of the community!



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