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Productivity: Get Things Done


One of the most well-known ancient wonders is Stonehenge. These huge rock structures stand in a circular pattern and are subject to speculation by most of the world. One fact is clear: Stonehenge marks the beginning of summer – the June Solstice. (1) This day is frequently referred to as the longest day of the year due to the fact that the sun remains in the sky longer than any other day of the year. This year, the longest day falls on – you guessed it – a Monday. If a poll was given of which of the seven days of the week most people would want to lengthen, more than likely Monday would be at the bottom of the list.

Productivity can be a scary word. That word has a whole new dimension of fear on the day that starts off the week. We all have bad days where being productive at work can seem impossible. A regular to-do list can seem incredibly daunting. Each task feels like a weight pulling you to the ground. It becomes so much easier to just waste away the day. We live in a society where honest effort and work are becoming more uncommon; becoming trapped in complacency is easier.

As the longest day of the year approaches, you can make it a productive day. The cycle can change. True work can become a joy. Here are three tips that can be offered to help you stay productive every day of the year.

1)Strengthen Your Will to Do

If you want to get anywhere, you are going to have to start with personal motivation. Dr. Scott Baird, founder of Griffin Hill, offers a wealth of knowledge found in human psychology of actions you can take in order to increase willpower. Some of these include, eating correct servings of fruits and vegetables and getting a proper amount of sleep. Learn more about how you can reap the benefits of greater willpower here.

2) Set Goals – Then Act

When you set an attainable goal, you produce a measure of determination to reach it. When you say exactly what you will do in order to achieve your goals, they become more attainable still. Use a notebook and write down a plan of productivity. Simply by writing it down and saying your goals out loud you become more likely to achieve your goal. Find out more on how you can set goals and act on them here.

3) Be Perfect for 60 Seconds

September of 2015, Griffin Hill hosted our first annual SMARTcon where the Iron Cowboy spoke about the importance of being perfect for 60 seconds was in his athletic experiences. Make effort, even if it is only for a single minute. That can be the one act that will lead to a total change in productivity. Check out a video of the Iron Cowboy’s advice here.

This coming Monday is the longest day of the year. Make it the start of a new productive track that will bring you to the most bang for your buck. Or rather, the most results for your time spent.





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