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J Cameron Baird
Recruiting - Sales Leadership Skills

Best Practices of Sales Leadership Skills when Hiring Team members


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


And that is never more true than with who you bring on board. And yet, executives, managers and sales leaders are constantly not even willing to spend that ounce on pre-hire efforts.

Here’s where so many hiring process performance problems come from:

  1. Misguided hiring criteria results in inadequate capacity to meet performance expectations.
  2. The error of the eye directs the mind. What error leads must err.
  3. Leaders lack a network of business intelligence that keeps them informed about local compensation trends. Recruiting includes a clear understanding of competitive compensation including salary, wages, benefits, and bonuses.
  4. Lack of a system and policy makes it harder for sales leaders to recruit, hire and make the most of internal referral sources. Elite performers refer other top-performing employees. Effective leaders build a team with the best talent possible and continue to improve.

Three important qualities that are most predictive of a candidate’s future success and why sales leaders should consider - coach-ability, work ethic, and prior success. 


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