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See, Adapt, and Act


Strategy is a daily activity. We employ it when we plan our day. Strategy is used in business enterprise, educational instruction, and even in our own entertainment with games like Stratego and Chess. Strategy was also used in war both anciently and modern. At Griffin Hill, we employ the wisdom of Sun Tzu – one of the most competent war strategists of all time and writer of The Art of War. A well-known quote of his reads as follows: “Just as water retains no constant shape, so in warfare there are no constant conditions . . . He who can modify his tactics in relation to his opponent, and thereby succeed in winning, may be called a heaven-born captain.” With the tools at Griffin Hill, you will be a “heaven-born captain.”  You will be able to adapt yourself to any prospect.

The strategy found in war is surprisingly applicable to the sales process. In order to succeed in a sale, you must first see, then adapt, and finally act. Griffin Hill assists you to do all of them, but adaption and action are irrelevant until after one has clearly seen the battle field. In this battle field, you have to first see and understand yourself. You must know your own personal weaknesses and strengths. Second, you must see your prospect. You must infer correctly the nature of your prospect and how they prefer to conduct themselves. At Griffin Hill we utilize the strategic power in the Cognitive Preference Index or (CPI) to accomplish this. It is simple, effective, and profound!

CPI is a survey that will associate a number score to assess which areas of mental cognition you rely on most and which ones you tend to avoid. Those areas of mental cognition include logic, organization, emotion, and vision. CPI is the way to see yourself. That knowledge gained in the Cognitive Preference Index that brought personal understanding to you will also empower you to be able to see your prospect and assess which areas they prefer to work in.

Like Sun Tzu said, adaption is the key to victory. Once you have seen yourself and others on a cognitive level, you will be able to adapt yourself into a new form, like water poured into a new container. For example, even though you may prefer to work from emotion, if you see your prospect is depending on logic, you can adapt yourself to their play field and “thereby succeed in winning”. To persist in trying to relate on an emotional level with someone working from logic will prove unfruitful and a waste of time.

With Griffin Hill CPI you will clearly see yourself and your prospect. You will be able to adapt to anyone you come across and communicate with confidence. You will act with power and boldness without overstepping boundaries. Your pipeline will be filled with successful connections. Your revenue will be increased with the rising number of your closes. Use the Griffin Hill CPI tool by clicking here!

Also, you can gain hands on experience with CPI at our free upcoming CPI conference on Friday, June 30th 2017! 


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