The Other Side Academy

Cameron Baird



The Other Side Academy – An Oasis in the Desert of Failure


The world continues to evolve in light of the recent global pandemic that came about in 2020. Whether it’s the economic troubles or the social unrest that continues to plague virtually every country now, people are worried. People are also suffering from job loss and a lack of finances.

Amid these present problems, there is no end to the number of “experts” who claim to have the solution. Yet so far, only The Other Side Academy, a non-profit free charity movement, has presented documented proof of success. Indeed, they have a proven track record that they can solve the real root issue: bad habits.

Contrary to popular belief, hundreds of thousands of people are not victims of the economy. Many have dug themselves a hole that they’ve been in long before Covid-19 ever appeared. Current reports indicate that people aren’t as helpless as they claim. Usually, these “victims” have contacts who can help them out of a tight spot, so that isn’t the issue. The issue is that some people lack good judgment and have developed terrible habits.

There are so many issues that people are dealing with now. Drug addiction, alcohol addiction, despondency, a lack of good work ethic, or even serious criminal activities that result in imprisonment! All of these are supposed to be handled “professionally” right? Wrong. The Other Side Academy has shown that standard social programs and rehabs are highly ineffective, even with huge tax-dollar support.

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