Why Work at Griffin Hill? Work/Life Balance, An Inside Look


Lead On!

Griffin Hill is experiencing unprecedented growth! We will guide you in the discipline of practicing your strengths and challenging your comfort zones. We are all for upward mobility and are thrilled to promote from within as you begin to master one skill after another.


Training, Coaching, and Certifications

Education is the foundation for all positions at Griffin Hill. We are not a “wind ‘em up and let ‘em go” kind of operation. You will receive continuous training and college-level certifications throughout your tenure with Griffin Hill.


Zero Micromanagement 

Our employees are encouraged, listened to, valued, and supported. We believe that a leader’s role is not one of an enforcer, but rather an educator, and mentor. We strive to support your personal and professional growth. 


Flexible and Remote 

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, it makes no difference to us. We know that time is a nonrenewable resource and we value each minute of our day as much as you do. Aside from our mandatory 15-minute stand-up meeting, Monday through Friday, how you allot the hours in your day is completely up to you. As a bonus, the positions we are hiring for our 100% remote!


Paid Volunteer Days

There is nothing better than having the peace that comes from making a difference in your corner of the world. While we know volunteering is a selfless act, we are more than happy to reward your efforts. Simply find a cause that you are passionate about, register for the event, and forward us a confirmation email from the organization…and then, hey!  Whaddya’ know? You are now an official contributing member of society, who didn’t lose anything - from doing the right thing!


Work/Life Balance

At Griffin Hill, Work/Life Balance is not just a promise - it’s a principle. We believe our best performers are those who have learned how to establish a healthy equilibrium between their personal and career priorities. This balance will help improve your life mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Open Vacation Policy

Your reward for meeting your established KPIs? Time off! Intentional scheduling is promoted at Griffin Hill. Meet your key performance indicators and you are free to have a mental health day, visit family,  or fly off to Belize. The world is your oyster! 


Company Culture

We pride ourselves in providing a safe environment where people feel heard, respected, and valued as important members of our team. We are inspired by the fresh ideas of individuals who are brand-spanking new and just out of college and we are strengthened by the more established veterans in our fields. We are also not particular about what planet you are from or whether your skin is purple, green, or blue.  Your rich life experience will be considered an exciting addition to our team and help us fully connect with our diverse clientele. 


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