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Be Brilliant - The Course | Mastering Persuasive Questioning

Jenna Stone
July 25, 2023
Be Brilliant - The Course | Mastering Persuasive Questioning - Griffin Hill

What will you learn in this 4-Week Course? 

In the realm of effective communication, mastering the art of questioning can be a game-changer. You will learn the significance of thoughtful and well-crafted questions as powerful tools for gathering information, understanding others, and influencing perspectives. Explore different question types, techniques for active listening, building rapport, overcoming objections, and leveraging empathy and emotional intelligence. Discover how these skills can help handle difficult conversations, understand the principles of influence and persuasion, and improve your questioning and communication abilities through practical exercises and examples.

  • Significance of Questioning: Learn why asking thoughtful questions plays a pivotal role in communication. Discover how it helps in acquiring valuable insights, understanding others' viewpoints, and influencing their perspectives. Effective questioning forms the bedrock of productive and engaging conversations.

  • Types of Questions: Explore the various question types, such as open-ended, closed-ended, probing, leading, and hypothetical questions. Uncover how each type serves a unique purpose and gain insights into selecting the most suitable ones for specific situations. Elevate your questioning skills to new heights.

  • Active Listening and Questioning: Understand the vital connection between effective questioning and active listening. By being an attentive listener, you can create an atmosphere of trust and openness, paving the way for more meaningful exchanges.

  • Building Rapport through Skillful Questioning: Discover proven techniques to establish rapport and build trust with others through strategic questioning and communication. Develop a stronger bond that enhances collaboration and cooperation.

  • Overcoming Objections with Strategic Questions: Equip yourself with practical strategies to address objections and resistance. Learn how strategic questions can help you navigate challenging scenarios, gaining valuable insights, and finding common ground.

  • Framing Questions for Impact: Discover the art of framing questions in a manner that elicits desired responses and steers conversations in the right direction. Craft powerful questions that lead to impactful outcomes.

  • The Role of Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Explore the role of empathy and emotional intelligence in persuasive questioning. Cultivate these essential qualities to connect with others on a deeper level and create a positive and understanding environment.

  • Handling Difficult Conversations with Skillful Questions: Gain access to a toolbox of tools and approaches for handling difficult or sensitive conversations. Learn how well-crafted questions can defuse tension and foster constructive dialogue.

  • Understanding Influence and Persuasion: Uncover the psychological principles behind persuasive questioning and how it influences decision-making. Harness this knowledge to communicate more effectively and sway opinions.

  • Enhancing Skills with Practice Exercises: The class  offers practical exercises and real-life examples to aid students  in honing their questioning and communication skills. Through consistent practice, you too - can become a master of persuasive questioning!

Mastering persuasive questioning is a transformative skill that enhances your communication prowess. By understanding the different question types, practicing active listening, building rapport, and leveraging empathy and emotional intelligence, you can navigate difficult conversations and influence others positively. Continuously honing these skills will lead to more impactful interactions and successful outcomes in various aspects of life. So, get started on your journey to becoming a brilliant communicator.

Register for Dr. Scott O. Baird’s course, today! Be Brilliant - The Course

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