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Six Tips for Preparing Brilliant Questions

Dr. Scott O. Baird

*From Chapter 21 of Be Brilliant! How to Master the Sales Skill of Persuasive Questioning

  • Tip #1 Follow the Griffin Hill Playset for Needs Audit Discovery. 


  • Tip #2 Stay focused on the benefits of your product or service. 

         Ask yourself:

  • What benefits are used in your company literature?
  • What benefits do you typically promise?
  • What do customers say they like best about doing business with you?


  • Tip #3 Assemble what you know about your buyer and buyer’s company


  • Tip #4  Build hypotheses about buyer’s interests, needs, wants, and motivations


  • Tip #5 Ask yourself what you want your buyer to discover


  • Tip #6 Ask yourself what questions you can ask that will test your hypotheses and stimulate the desired discoveries

Learn more about persuasive questioning by clicking here:  "Master the Art of Persuasive Questioning: 7 Essential Principles of Brilliant Sales Questions"


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