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Build the Relationship


In sales we like to talk about making connections. You start a relationship, you hopefully get a sale, and then it’s over. You move on to someone else. In other words, we care about our prospects; we give them our attention and do all we can to assist them. We build a relationship with that prospect. But as soon as their money is in our pocket, we are out of there. This approach can feel automatic, the natural order of how sales work, and honestly, it can feel a little dirty. It lacks integrity. It does not include the idea of continuing the relationship.

When we talk to our prospects and tell them that we are going to do everything we can to ensure they receive the benefits we promise, we should intend to keep those promises at any cost. Even though their money is collected, it’s important to continue to schedule appointments with them. Participate in continuing the relationship. There are many effective ways to do so. One way is to discover more about what they struggle with and provide additional services. A second way is to continue to collect referrals. Third, and one of the most important, is to continue to follow up on your services to ensure your prospect is continuing to reap the benefits you promised.

First, continue to sell. Selling is not a one-on-one only situation. In the sales process, as you ask questions, you discover who your prospect really is. One way to continue that relationship is to return and begin a new sales process, offering something else that they may be in need of. Ask more questions to learn what other needs they have and ways that you can assist them in satisfying those needs. Just because you have already sold to you prospect doesn’t mean that there is not more value you have to offer. Continue that relationship by providing them with new useful services.

Sales can sometimes be isolating. We get so focused on our prospect that everything else fades into the background. We should remember, however, that they are a human being just like us! They have co-workers, friends, family members, and other companies they have networked with that may also be in need of your services. Strengthen your relationships with your prospect by getting more referrals. Ask powerful questions that stimulate faces and names in the mind of your prospect. To learn more about how to ask good questions in the sales process, click here!

Finally, use this opportunity to continue to ensure you are providing excellent service to them. Ask them how things are going. Bring statistics that you have collected as further evidence that you have delivered on your promises. Then, collect proofs from them of what they liked about the services you have provided them.

At the end of the sales cycle, we tend to drop our clients. We finish the deal and walk away. We search for new people to sale to. Avoid that mistake and instead, grow the relationship you have with your prospect. Reap the rewards of doing so, for they are rich and vast.

Relationship building is not just an aspect of the Griffin Hill system — it is the system. For more helpful hints and tips click here!

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