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Business Success: 4 Ways to Achieve It that you Didn’t Know


Business success is a lot like succeeding in any other area of your life; success is made up of the same elements regardless of where it is applied. Society often segregates business success into its own category of achievement. These business success models are mostly about refining leadership skills, financial understanding, and sales processes. But at Griffin Hill, we expand our definition of success and find that other – sometimes even seemingly unrelated things including health and family relationships — are connected to our success in business. These other elements play a significant role in achievement in all areas of life.

        Here are a few things you can begin implementing right now to bring greater success to every area of your life, from boosting your revenue to improving the quality of your relationships.

1)    Develop Selflessness

One of the greatest killers of success is pride. An employee, manager, or business owner can potentially crush their business under the weight of an ego. Treating others as less than you will drive people away – and people are key to success. Nobody succeeds on their own. Instead, cultivate love, kindness, and encouragement with those around you. Express gratitude to those who make a difference in your life. You will succeed more often and find deeper joy in that success.

2)    Be Engaged

In a recent article, Benjamin Hardy, the author, discusses the important habits of turning boys into men – one of them being to avoid video games. He states, “Naturally [people] have a strong need for accomplishment and challenge. Yet studies suggest that some of the most popular video games are disengaging [them] from real world pursuits…Is escaping reality (especially for extended periods of time) ever healthy?” Perhaps you too have a video game issue. Or perhaps you struggle with something else. How do you disengage from reality? Do you spend countless hours on social media, your phone, or listening to music? These things have a time and a place, but once they take enough time that they impede your ambitious goals, then they become the cancer of success. By remaining engaged, you can spend the majority of your time winning and still have moments to relax and recuperate.

3)    Move Every Day

Physical exercise is an important key to success. Exercising does incredible things including building endurance, willpower, energy levels, and even the ability to learn. For some people, this may mean getting up early and doing intensive physical exercise. For others, it can be as simple as rather than driving to your mailbox, walk to it. Take an evening hike for fifteen minutes. This kind of activity will increase your drive for success.

4)    Be Spiritually Attuned

Spirituality is often overlooked or discredited, especially in the business world. Do so at your own risk. The truth is there’s great power in spending time practicing gratitude, meditation, and prayer. These practices have been proven to restructure the brain to help you connect with others better, concentrate more, and reduce stress. These things are critical to success because they keep you running and functioning while teaching valuable life skills.

Success isn’t as hard as it sometimes seems. Like most skills, it is something that we can practice and develop more in our life! You can start by implementing some of these habits! Now ask yourself, what does achievement look like for your life?


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