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Develop Subject Matter Expertise

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J Cameron Baird

Develop Subject Matter Expertise for Sales Leadership

Equipping the right Skills for Sales Leadership


“As a leader, he doesn’t know what really goes on with us here on the front lines.”

“Her leadership style doesn’t understand the nuance of how our product/service works.”

Have you ever heard such sales leadership accusations being expressed?

Have you ever felt the same leadership issues about your own bosses?


Here are some of the very real situations leaders of the companies find themselves struggling with:

  1. The moral authority to lead is undermined when leaders lack industry experience or expertise. 
  2. Lack of experience with the methods, tools, and technologies of leadership undermines a leader's moral authority.
  3. Inexperience with basic work processes makes it not possible for a leader to inspire visions of the future in those he or she leads.
  4. When sales leaders lack industry expertise, it is difficult for them to assign meaningful responsibilities. 
  5. Inadequate expertise with the leadership methods, leadership tools, and technologies that enable leadership neutralize a leader’s ability to make an impact. 
  6. When team members judge a leader’s expertise to be inadequate or immature, it erodes their confidence. Eroded confidence in a leader’s expertise hampers an employee’s ability to be fully engaged and to follow the leader.

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Image of J Cameron Baird
J Cameron Baird

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Image of J Cameron Baird
J Cameron Baird

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