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Leveraging Sales Analytics

Dr. Scott O. Baird
August 03, 2023

Sarah, A skilled salesperson, found a pathway to improved results by diving into sales analytics. Combining historical data and predictive analysis helped Sarah elevate her game and drive more revenue. This case study will help get you started.

Adapting sales strategies based on data-driven insights is the key to continuous learning for salespeople. It is also the key to driving new revenue. Steady, iterative improvement helped the salesperson in this case study to refine her selling techniques. 

Sales analytics drive revenue and lead to improved customer satisfaction. Data-driven learning keeps salespeople relevant and competitive. That’s what happened to Sarah in this case study.

Boost Your Sales Leadership

Sales analytics help leaders:

  • Identify skill gaps
  • Implement targeted training programs
  • Encourage continuous learning
  • Monitor individual and team performance
  • Provide feedback
  • Improve performance results

Take a look at a sales leader case study:

A sales leader, John Anderson, utilized sales analytics to optimize sales skills, boost the productivity of his team, and drive revenue growth. 

By employing data-driven insights, a skilled sales leader, John was able to identify areas of improvement, implement targeted training programs, and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Effective Leaders and Performers

Don’t be left behind! Data analytics set you and your career on the right track!

Sales analytics can deliver a competitive advantage!

Are you risking becoming irrelevant? Give yourself an edge! Get onboard with sales analytics!


A Case Study shows the benefits of embracing sales analytics include:

In a comparative analysis of other sales metrics including number of dials, number of texts, number of emails, number of connection requests, number of conversations, and number of meetings, Schedule the Next Event was most highly correlated with closing rates.

The Griffin Hill Principle of Schedule the Next Event (SNE) has emerged as a game-changing strategy in the sales domain. 

Backed by research data, Schedule the Next Event has proven to be the number one predictor of successful closes. 

Embracing Schedule the Next Event as a sales strategy, salespeople and sales leaders elevate performance outcomes. 

One simple behavior helps sales leaders to measure the productivity and proficiency of the salespeople they lead. Leaders identify and duplicate best sales practices among their team members. 

Ready to learn more? Book a free consultation with Scott O. Baird, PhD.

3 Simple Ways To Inspire Those You Lead In 2023

3 Simple Ways To Inspire Those You Lead In 2023

Leader behavior makes all the difference in team performance.

The textbook on Sales Leadership: Strategy and Performance advocates for nine behaviors of exceptional leaders. Here is a simple way leaders can implement two of those behaviors and elevate team performance in 2023.

The two behaviors are:

Leaders Inspire and Motivate and

Leaders Teach


Following three simple steps will help members of your team to be more engaged and reach higher levels of achievement.

                          1. Encourage a goal orientation.
                          2. Teach the principles of goal setting and achieving
                          3. Follow-up.

You can motivate and inspire a goal orientation in your team by your words and your deeds. Encourage team members to set personal as well as work-related goals. Help them to capture a vision of personal and professional growth. Share your own goal-setting experiences and successes.

You can use the resources for goal setting and achieving to prepare your own teaching/coaching lessons on goal setting and achieving or you can share the link with team members in advance of a group discussion. Either way, you are teaching and that is a key behavior of exceptional leaders.

Follow-up is both instructional and motivating.

Tawe an even more effective leader.

Explore information about goal setting or leader behaviors. You could also choose to be a more exceptional leader in 2023 by joining our exclusive C-level executive class. Live instruction and interaction with other business owners, CEOs, and C-level executives is a great way to jump-start the performance of your team in the new year.


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