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SMARTcon 2016 Recap


On September 29th, 2016 Griffin Hill sponsored the second annual SMARTcon, the Utah sales conference. This business accelerator conference took place at the Utah Valley Convention Center in beautiful Provo, Utah. The attendees, presenters , and sponsors helped make this an unforgettable event! Those who attended were able to walk away with their minds and notebooks filled with ideas and action items to achieve more!

      The conference kicked off with our first keynote, Chad Kerby from Infusionsoft. He spoke on the methods to get the attention of potential customers. In a world where we are bombarded with demands on our time and attention, Chad’s words were powerful in teaching what is required to make your voice heard and to expand both the number of customers you have, as well as their loyalty to your business.

      Later in the day, Dr. Scott Baird, founder of Griffin Hill, delivered a masterful keynote on how to use the language and the science of persuasion to ensure a higher number of closes and more success in sales. It is important to our ultimate achievement to be able to control not only what we say, but how we say it.scotts-break-out

Throughout the day there were opportunities to join breakout sessions featuring some of the best and brightest in the business world. Great thought leaders like Rob Nelson from Grow, Bill Brady from EKR, Judi Copier  from iHeartMedia, and Mark Ackerman from Edge/IC Group instructed on methods and means to jump to the next level in Sales, Marketing, and Technology. (For a full list of all companies and breakout sessions, go to smartcon.griffinhill.com/agenda

      Between breakout sessions and keynote speakers, delicious meals and snacks were served. These moments allowed for some powerful networking to occur and for individuals to meet other influencers in the business community.

      During lunch, SMARTawards was emcee’d  by the talented and engaging Rod Arquette of KNRS.  Trophies were given to several individuals who had been nominated as incredible leaders and examples of innovation, creativity, and hard work in their chosen fields.smart-award-given

      The powerful conclusion of the sales conference was the keynote from Stephen M. R. Covey, bestselling author from CoveyLink. He taught about the SPEED of Trust and gave every attendee a set of tools to execute the principles needed to build profit and strengthen relationships. It was one of the most powerful moments at SMARTcon.

      The conference ended with multiple giveaways, including the highly sought after Fezzari Bicycle. SMARTcon was powerful! It was influential! Those who came loved it. Weston Hyde said: “Thank you for all the work put into SMARTcon, it was truly a life changing event.” Nathan Evans reiterated: “I was floored by SMARTcon. The breakout sessions and the talented thought leaders who were present were astounding. I soaked up more information in that one day than I would have in six months.” Needless to say, SMARTcon was the Sales, Marketing, and Technology conference of the year.

      With the second annual SMARTcon behind us, SMARTcon 2017 is already underway. It will be just as incredible as this year, with new additions to come. You can reserve your spot today by calling 801-225-7000! No need to pay just yet. We will give you a call in July of 2017 to secure your spot with a payment. We will see you at SMARTcon 2017!


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