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SMARTcon 2016: Reflecting Back


Last September Griffin Hill sponsored the first annual SMARTcon, Utah’s premiere business conference centered on Sales, MARketing, and Technology. The single day event brought together experts in the industry where new ideas were explored and synergies created. We are grateful for the partners that joined us in putting this conference together and delivering it to the robust and thriving Utah business community. . One attendee stated: “I had a few small business ideas that I wanted to undertake and [SMARTcon] was a good way to network and get motivated! It was certainly worth my money.” A second individual said: “I loved the overall theme! [SMARTcon] was all about going and getting [a sale]! I believe all . . . could benefit from the things that we learned.” We express our gratitude for everyone that attended and look forward to SMARTcon 2016.

Griffin Hill admires all of our partners at SMARTcon. Without their help and valuable experience, we would not have had the same value, diversity, and level of knowledge. Some of the 2015 SMARTcon influencers were Elevate Promo, Innovative Corporate Events, Digital Trike, SEO VOD, BYU Marriott School of Management, AdMind, and Stryde. Our partners participated in a lineup of booths and provided powerful tools and services of value to all who attended.
The SMARTcon keynote speakers provided energy, excitement, and prompted deep thinking that crossed the gap between both business and personal life goals. Keynote speakers included our own founder, Dr. Scott Baird, Darin Adams from InfusionSoft, and the Iron Cowboy. The speakers gave applicable action items that motivated attendees to reach higher! They also provided the tools to achieve their action items. “The Iron Cowboy was fantastic! [He talked] about being fearless and committing to get things done. I had to face some complicated decisions and being fearless became important.” Those who attended SMARTcon left with new tools, knowledge and feeling uplifted and able to reach their goals.

SMARTcon also included and conducted incredible networking activities ! Through our partnership with Innovative Corporate Events, multiple attendees reported that they were able to easily network and make new connections. Ethan from Edge Promos said: “We see the value in networking and meeting new businesses and we definitely did that at SMARTcon.” SMARTcon is the place for easy networking; that means that SMARTcon is the place for easy growth.
SMARTcon 2016 will be on Thursday, September 29 at the Utah Valley Convention Center. SMARTcon 2016 will provide all the benefits of last year and more. We look forward to seeing you there! Keep updated on upcoming events and gain access to more valuable tools by signing up for the Griffin Hill newsletter:
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