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SMARTcon: Hit the Right Note


SMARTcon: Hit the Right Note!

When like-minded individuals get together, magic happens! We saw this principle in action at SMARTcon 2015. Attendees came, they listened attentively to the key note speakers, and they left with new tools to create success. This should come to no surprise as we had some incredible speakers last year. Dr. Baird, Darin Adams, and the Iron Cowboy taught incredible principles that ranged from motivation, to the connection between sales success and human psychology.

The Iron Cowboy shared his experience with running 50 Iron Man Triathlons in 50 days. What an incredible feat! He shared that if you are perfect for just 60 seconds then you can accomplish incredible things. This kind of mental attitude can get individuals through the roughest of days having done their best. Our best will always lead to greater outcomes than we thought we could accomplish. Check out more about the Iron Cowboy here.

Our founder, Dr. Scott Baird spoke on many topics throughout the day including the power of human psychology and the hope of America. However, he emphasized throughout the event the importance of evaluating and recording. Setting new goals in our mind does little; saying them aloud and physically writing them down increases the likelihood of achieving the goal by a tremendous amount. Almost every event in the agenda at SMARTcon was partnered with an opportunity to reflect, write, and set goals. Check out the agenda for this coming SMARTcon here.

Darin Adams from Infusionsoft joined SMARTcon 2015 as a key note speaker and emphasized the importance of doing things that may seem scary in order to meet our goals. Every business owner is confronted with frightening situations. Possible worst-case scenarios pile up during decision making, paralyzing the company and keeping it from moving in any direction. Darin taught that doing scary things leads to success.

The Key Note speakers delivered powerful content that helped attendees learn, grow, and do. Learn more about the exciting key note speakers we have coming to this year’s SMARTcon by clicking here.

Ready to achieve more? Click here to reserve your tickets to SMARTcon 2017!


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